True Sales Involves NO SELLING!

Sean Matheis Blog

Many times we think that sales is all about closing and persuasive mind-bending psychological trickery. The truth is the most effective sales call actually include very little if any SELLING at all. Here’s what I mean.

Detach yourself from your own objective. Detach yourself from YOUR agenda of the call. Stop being focused on the OUTCOME and focus on the PROCESS of each call. When you stay focused on the outcome of the call forget about the process of an effective call. When you can focus on the process and perfecting the PROCESS your desired outcomes are sure to follow.
I’ve said before that the sale is made in listening not in speaking. How can you intently listen to your prospect if your mind is focused on your own agenda and how you are going to overcome the next objection?

If you get off of a sales call and feel exhausted, beaten down, or like you “lost” then the chances are good that you were focused on YOUR agenda and not the agenda of the PROSPECT.

STOP trying to prove your point
STOP trying to persuade your prospect
STOP trying to control the call
Let Go of your ego

START respecting the prospects agenda
START helping your prospect uncover new possibilities & new opportunities
START coaching the prospect to arrive to THEIR OWN CONCLUSION that you are their solution

Listen purely and with authenticity to help the prospect uncover and solve their own problems. Guide the prospect to uncover possible solutions to their own problems.

I will leave you with this:

A perfectly executed sales call will have very little “selling” done at all, instead the prospect will arrive at their own conclusion and sell themselves. This will be a much smoother sales process that everyone is happier with at the end of each call. The prospect can and will always argue with you “the salesman” but cannot argue with their own conclusions. Help them arrive to their own conclusions not by beating them with facts and figure but instead by guiding them through an intelligent conversation that helps them uncover their true needs.