“Get Personally Trained by 8-Time Mr. Olympia
Ronnie Coleman
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Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Finally Reveals The Simple, Proven Science of Building Muscle and Losing Fat In His First Ever Digital Training Product, Available Online 24-7!


Dear Fellow Weight Lifter,

Let me just say, that bodybuilding has been my passion and career for 40 years now.

I live and breathe bodybuilding.

Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger

But, even though I'm an 8-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder, you don't have to BE a bodybuilder to use the information I'm going to share with you...

In fact, ANYONE who wants to gain more muscle and lose more fat in LESS time can follow the training and nutrition methods I'm about to hand you.

As an 8-time Mr. Olympia... and someone who has been called “the best bodybuilder that's EVER competed”... my training techniques have proven to be the best in the world.

During my “bulking phase, I walk around at 330 pounds of rock-solid muscle... at 3% body fat. And when I'm “cutting” for a competition... I usually hit the stage at 300 pounds at .33% body fat. So I also know a thing or two about shedding fat in the fastest amount of time.

Here's Why This Matters To YOU!

In a minute, you're going to learn how you can use the training and nutrition techniques I've learned after 40 years “in the bodybuilding trenches” as a short cut for reaching YOUR full potential for muscle size and definition.

In fact, I'm going to show you THE most important tips I've learned when it comes to training, nutrition & supplement regimens to maximize results in the shortest amount of time.

I'll also share my “cutting” and fat loss tips so you know exactly how to eat and train to melt off fat and get the ripped, rock hard body.

Ronnie Coleman on stage

Why Reveal 40 Years of Training and Nutrition Tips Inside a Private Membership Site Available 24/7?

The thing is, my entire life has been 100% focused on being the best bodybuilder on the planet. That meant I had to be selfish and focus on MY training, nutrition, and goals.

So I kept all of my training methods to myself. These days, I've retired from competitive bodybuilding. In fact, I spend most of my time running my supplement company.

So after 40 years of bodybuilding... I've learned a LOT of training and nutrition shortcuts along the way... stuff that can transform your physique and help you get the lean, muscular look that commands respect!

Now My #1 Mission Is To Help The Most People

My goal is to help YOU reach your full genetic potential for packing on the most muscle gains in the fastest amount of time. This is called the “bulking” phase in bodybuilding.

Not only that, but my training and nutrition tips can speed up your fat loss so you get lean, ripped, and shredded.. faster and easier. This is called the “cutting” phase in bodybuilding.

Introducing the Ronnie Coleman Fitness Challenge

This Will Test Even The Most Physically Fit Athletes and Bodybuilders

When you join my 30 day fitness challenge... you'll learn learn the fast and easy way to get the max amount of muscle you're physiologically capable of, while losing fat at the same time!

I noticed that 99% of ALL people do the WRONG things when it comes to working out to gain muscle or lose fat.

The Ronnie Coleman Challenge Shows You The Right Way

You won't have to struggle for years finding what works, I'll cut through the B.S. and focus your time, energy, and effort on what actually works in the gym. 

In fact, when you join my 30-day challenge, you'll see the most muscle gains and fat loss you've ever seen in 30 days! You'll demand respect and attention!

It's important for you to know that my advice and methods are based on 100% natural nutrition and training techniques. You do NOT need drugs or steroids to reach your fitness goals.

You Do Not Have To Starve or Train for Hours

Sure, some bodybuilders are genetically gifted and can get better results with less effort and in less time. And yes, some bodybuilders decide to use drugs to boost recovery time, so they can train more and gain more.

But let me tell you this: you do NOT need drugs to reach your full genetic potential.

Believe me, as someone who has been bodybuilding for 40 years... the secrets I reveal WILL help you pack on muscle so you bulk up. Even if you have average genetics, you need the right info when it comes to training, eating, recovery, and supplements to maximize results... 

In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible

Look, there are thousands of “trainers” claiming to be experts. However, NONE of the so- called “experts" have the credentials and track record I have.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with an 8-time Olympia winner who lives and breathes bodybuilding for 40 years... not some personal trainer who probably got a certification over a weekend seminar.

Flex, Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man... you name it... my photos and articles are in the biggest and most popular bodybuilding magazines.

Alongside my 8 Mr. Olympia wins as a pro bodybuilder, I hold the record for most wins as an IFBB Pro with 26. I'm widely regarded by many as the greatest bodybuilder of all time. None of this is meant to brag... it's just to show you that I practice what I preach and “walk the walk”.

Achieve Amazing Results Without Taking Drugs

So for the first time ever, you can have me, Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia, in your corner helping you pack on slabs of muscle and burn off fat all in the fastest and easiest way possible.

So if you're ready to see massive results in just 30 days...

Join The Ronnie Coleman Fitness Challenge

So let's cover what you'll get when you join...

Module 1. Mindset Training to Become Motivated and STAY Motivated

  • Building The Right Foundation
  • 10 pillars of weight room success
  • How to set and meet your goals
  • How to get motivated to keep your progress moving forward

Module 2. Training Cycles

Find out how to set up your weight training and cardio to gain the most muscle while losing fat. Discover the amount of cardio, so you don't do it too often or for too long. There's a correct way to structure cardio into your workouts.

  • The Bulking Cycle
  • The Cutting Cycle
  • How long to do cardio for both your bulking cycle and cutting cycle.
  • How long each cardio session should be for bulking and cutting cycles.

Module 3. Nutrition - Complete Meal Plans For Maximum Results

Learn what foods to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat them for bulking and cutting!

  • Complete 30 day meal plan for the bulking cycle
  • Complete 30 day meal plan for the cutting cycle
  • Discover what foods are best for building muscle and losing fat and how to eat them
  • Discover how to set up your nutrition to burn fat and build muscle around the clock!
  • The right amount of calories and the right foods to build muscle and lose fat.
  • Discover the best protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources and how much to eat of each.

Module 4. Weight Training Schedules

Step by step guide for maximizing the muscle growth for each body part (back, chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs).

  • Find out the amount of time to keep each work out so you don't over train
  • Find out how many days to work out each week.
  • Get 60 exercise videos to execute perfect form (demonstrated by Ronnie Coleman)
  • Get complete workout routines and video instructional & demonstrations
  • Get the guide to perfect form with each rep that will force your muscles to grow.
  • Discover the proven rep and set range guaranteed to skyrocket your muscle gains
  • Learn exactly how often to train to get all your body parts to grow!
  • Find out the exercises you absolutely MUST DO to gain the most muscle possible.

Module 5. Get a Complete Supplements Guide and Recommendations

Learn the best supplements on the market for packing on muscle and melting fat. Learn how to take supplements to get the best results.

  • Get the supplement guide for the bulking cycle- learn which supplements are best for shedding fat in less time
  • Get the supplement guide for the cutting cycle - Find out which supplements work to gain muscle, strength, and size

Plus get these free bonus guides...


50 Weight Training Tips To Get The Best Workout, Each And Every Time


Getting Contest Ready Complete Pre-Contest Workout Guide

Ronnie Coleman Gives You
Once in a Lifetime Advice!

This Challenge gives you the information you need to melt away ugly body fat permanently and without using drugs. The “cutting” stage is just the start... you'll also learn what it takes to “bulk up” and pack on the most muscle you're genetically capable of.

If you follow the steps I give you in the fitness challenge, you WILL...

Gain More Muscle and Lose More Fat in 30 Days Than You Have in the Past 3 Months.

Look, I'm sure you've seen conflicting advice on training and nutrition. That's why I'm here to tell you... having an 8-time Mr. Olympia winner and winner of 26 bodybuilding titles in your corner can show you what really works when it comes to gaining the most muscle you're capable of, as well as shedding that unwanted fat.

During the Bulking Phase to Pack on Muscle Naturally...

  1. Learn how to “shock” your muscles into CONSISTENT muscle growth!
  2. How to get your most difficult body parts NO OTHER CHOICE but to grow
  3. How to reach your max genetic potential of massive muscle size
  4. Learn which exercises are best, and which are worthless when trying to gain muscle.
  5. Grow arms that are 3 inches bigger
  6. Why you want to use free weights 
  7. Learn the best exercises to do in the gym, when to do them, and how often
  8. Learn how many reps & sets, how many days to work out, how long to train and more.
  9. Find out what supplements work best.

During the Cutting Phase to Lose Fat Naturally...

  1. Learn which foods you should eat to lose fat.
  2. Get the truth about how much cardio and what kind you need to do to lose fat.
  3. Find out how to boost your metabolism so you turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.
  4. Discover how to do your cardio to burn the most fat.
  5. How often to eat and what to eat to lose fat, and figure your daily calories for cutting.
  6. Learn which supplements help with losing fat and cutting weight

The Ronnie Coleman Challenge goes through a bulking phase where you pack on the most muscle possible. With bulking, I'll show you how to eat and train to gain the most size and muscle.

Then, when you're ready to drop the unwanted flab, I'll show you the cutting phase... where you lose the love handles faster and easier. Whether you want to get ripped and shredded like a bodybuilder, or you want to lose some unwanted fat and get in better shape...

Learn How to Eat and Train to Bulk Up... Then Cut Down and Lose Fat, All Inside This Private, Members Only Site!

Even if you don't want to BE a bodybuilder... the best thing you can do is train like one if you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or both.

I've been doing this for 40 years, and have learned the secrets that help ALL people gain muscle and lose fat. And yes, even those folks who are natural and never use drugs.

Even if you've tried everything and the fat still won't come off or the muscle gains won't come, I'll hand you the fat-burning cardio and nutrition tips that make you leaner than you've ever been. I'll hand you the muscle building workouts that pack on more size in less time.

You'll Know What To Do, Step By Step!

And yes, I'll also help you with goal setting and motivation so you stick with the routine. After all, what good is it to show you my muscle building and fat loss advice if you don't use it.

I'll get you motivated and keep you motivated and moving forward until you reach your goals.

The mental side is just as important as the workouts or diet part... because in order to see results, you gotta keep motivated and moving forward. Don't worry, I'll help with that. My fat burning and muscle building 30 day challenge was designed by a bodybuilder.

But it's NOT just for Bodybuilders...

Whether you want to get leaner than you've ever been or you want to gain the kind of muscle that turns heads when people walk by... this is a guaranteed system for bulking and cutting.

The bulking and cutting principles are the same whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 50; whether you want to pack on 10 pounds of muscle or 30... and whether you want to compete in bodybuilding or just want to look good walking the beach.

Whether you're a bodybuilder or just someone who wants to gain muscle and lose fat in weeks, not months... use my natural methods to reach single digit body fat levels AND more muscle than you ever have. Want to experience a year of gym results in just a month or two? This is the shortcut to a body guys envy and women will want to touch.

Look, this muscle building and fat loss advice has never been available to the public.

You'll gain muscle and shed fat so much faster, your skin will act like "shrink wrap" as it shows off your bulging muscles. Imagine how good you'll look when you have 15 to 20 more pounds of rock hard muscle... while you're 10 to 20 pounds leaner. You may notice your shirt sleeves and pant legs getting tighter.

I can tell you this, join my new fitness challenge and you'll have an effective training routine that doubles your current rate of muscle growth and fat loss... getting you ripped and chiseled. You'll see your muscle growing and the fat disappear right before your eyes. 

This Challenge Is Perfect For You!

If you're frustrated by the conflicting information you see in muscle mags or online... join this challenge and use me to hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Listen: You'll never find another 8-time Mr. Olympia willing to reveal his secrets for packing on muscle while melting off fat. Like I said, when I was competing professionally, I rarely had time to show others how I was making massive gains. Not only that, I didn't want to reveal my secrets on how I got so ripped or muscular for competition!

It's the fastest way to results because this is high level information on training and eating to to get the ripped, rock hard body you want. And you're learning it from someone who won 26 competitions and 8 Olympia titles.

I'm ready to give back to the career that brought me fortune and fame by helping others gain muscle and lose fat in less time.

Again, this is training and nutrition information that's never been revealed. I've never taught anyone how I've trained and dieted to achieve max muscle gains and fat loss. And you'll do it without drugs, without starving, and without training for hours a day.

With the click of your mouse, you'll learn the insider secrets that will help you pack on muscle, shed unwanted fat and get the lean, muscular body you've always wanted... all in the shortest time possible.

So How Much Is It To Have 24/7 Access to Ronnie Coleman's Training Secrets?

Let me just say, I no longer do one-on-one personal training. My supplement business takes up most of my time, so I've had to stop doing training sessions.

And even if I do take on an occasional training client, they pay $2,000 for the day. So yes, you could pay me $2,000 a day plus expenses to come out and train you.

But I want to get my advice and information out to as many people as possible. 

I decided to put my best muscle building tips and fat loss techniques in this online fitness challenge.

When you join the Ronnie Coleman Fitness Challenge for just $499... you have access to me as your personal trainer, 24/7... at a fraction of what you'd pay if you were a one-on-one training client.

So if you're ready to turn your body into a tight, lean muscle machine... if you want to get YEARS worth of muscle gains in months and do it naturally…

Save 60% during the launch! Price increases when we go live in...


Here's Your Once in a Lifetime Chance to Train with ME 24 Hours a Day

Now, the regular price of this will go up to $499 after this intro promotion is over. So join now and get complete access to this muscle-building and fat loss program at the lowest price ever!

To get initial success stories and before & after pics, we're giving you a price break if you act now. In the not too distant future, this program will cost $499. Never again will you get the chance to learn from an 8 time Mr. Olympia for this low of a price. 

But please, only do it if you're willing to do what I say and are willing to put your trust in an 8 time Mr. Olympia and bodybuilder who has been training for 40 years! If you're ready to make the commitment and put forth the effort - join today and I'll hand you the information and motivation that helps you pack on the most muscle and lose the most fat.

Don't wait, take the first step before the price goes up. 

Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to get training from an 8 time Olympia champ to help you gain muscle, lose fat, and get the huge & shredded body you want...in this "all access" online training program available from any internet connected device 24/7...

Save 60% during the launch! Price increases when we go live in...



Ronnie Coleman
Creator, Ronnie Coleman Fitness Challenge

P.S.  There's no doubt, once you lose the fat, gain the muscle, and make the transformation... you'll look better, feel better about yourself, and turn more heads!

Regardless of your age, genetics, or goals... I'll help you get the results you want... faster than you ever dreamed possible! If you're ready for the natural way to pack on solid muscle... I'm offering you a shortcut that, until now, not many guys ever got.

Before you lift your next weight... get the training advice from one of THE most successful bodybuilders in the world and change the way you go about gaining muscle and losing fat. This will set you apart from everyone in the gym.

Look, if you want a physique that makes people look at you in awe when you enter a room.. stop listening to the wrong advice and start paying attention to a world class bodybuilder.

You can't get this anywhere else.... it's my most in depth training information. You can't get it from other trainers, either, because they don't know about my advanced training secrets. If you're ready to bulk up, cut down, and get the lean, ripped, shredded body you want, all in the shortest amount of time possible... join now.

Yes, I want to join the Ronnie Coleman Fitness Challenge

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