Stop Taking and Start Choosing

Sean Matheis Blog, Sales Tips

As sales professionals we seem to think that we need to take every deal that comes our way.

Maybe its because of high pressure from management, maybe it’s because we don’t have a pipeline full enough to be picky. In either case you are doomed as a sales professional if you aren’t in a position to hand select the creme of the crop client base. If you have ever wondered why the turn over rate in the sales profession is so high despite the fact that the income potential is well above average in EVERY SINGLE industry, it’s because sales professionals experience burn out.

The sales world is not for the faint heart.

Much of your job you are getting told no, you are under extreme pressure, the stress level is high, and the list goes on and on. The easiest way to make your job more enjoyable is to pick your clients. Now I know most people are going to say you have quota’s to hit, you don’t get paid if you don’t sell, your bills are too high to pass up a commission, or what ever other excuse you have.

The truth is you CAN cherry pick our clients.

In fact, if you start doing this not only will your job be more enjoyable but you will actually SELL MORE.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was work with the “perfect client?”

Imagine everyday you were able to work with cool people just like yourself? It’s not impossible. It’s the law of attraction marketing (something we teach in my coaching programs). I hand select EVERY client that I work with. In fact my prospects fill out an application giving me 3 pages of information BEFORE I will even call them.

Can you imagine your clients literally applying to work with YOU?

Let me be honest, it’s not easy to get to that point BUT, when you do the experience is life changing. The entire way you think and act during the course of business is 1,000% different. When you work with your perfect customer every day you are happier, you feel more successful, you are fulfilled, you are confident, and you become an AUTHORITY in your marketplace.

No prospect wants to hire some bottom feeder. In fact, if you require them to fill out an application to work with you they are even more eager to work with you and the sale becomes easier. Most of my sales calls aren’t sales calls at all. They prospect tells me they are already sold before they even got on the phone. They simply need to tell me what they are looking to accomplish, see if I will take them on, and how they can pay me.

Obviously I have a reputation for success and it wasn’t always this way.

I will tell you that it’s not as hard as you may think thought.

Here’s a strategy to start cherry picking your clients.

Think about your top clients, your perfect client, think of the people you enjoy working with the most. Write a list of 5 -10 of these clients you have sold in the past. Write down EXACTLY how you remember the transaction from start to finish. Then list what you enjoyed about working with each of those clients.

Now take all 5 or 10 of those that you created and build a “Perfect Client Profile” Give the client a name if you want and list everything you can about that perfect client.

Chances are very good that these were also your easiest transactions as well. The truth is they weren’t any easier but subconsciously you already did this exercise in your mind and weren’t aware of it. You approached the sales process differently because you subconsciously identified this as a pleasurable experience from the beginning. The amazing thing is that your perfect client was doing the same exact thing in their mind and just didn’t realize it.

NOW that you can be consciously aware of this you can make it happen on a daily basis.

Here’s an example

“Perfect Client Profile”

“Write a brief reminder of why you enjoy working with this type of client”

Personality traits (funny, serious, loud, quiet)
Communication style (text, email, meetings, phone)
Field of Employment
Style (how they dress)
Music (if you remember)
Type of car (if you are a car person)
Decision Making Style (quick to the point, discuss details, ect)

List all of these and write a little sentence about why you enjoy working with your perfect client at the top of the page and post it in front of you. Read it every day, Before every call, Before every sales appointment, and make your team read it as well. You will ingrain into your mind EXACTLY who you are looking for. Once you have ingrained the perfect customer into your mind you will be able to spot them from a mile away. You will see them coming through the door, you will see them at the grocery store, you will hear it in their voice as soon as they call in, you can spot them on social media, and you will grow your revenue like you never dreamed possible.